Some musings about my adventures

Facing 48

There are moments in life that stick with you forever, the first week in June was one of those moments for me. I went into the desert jumbled with stress and confusion and have come back out revitalized and ready for the future. I spent several days in isolation just taking photographs, writing in my journal and thinking about all the people in my life regardless if I see them every day or with years between.

Thinking of those close to me who are currently fighting to stay alive and stay healthy as well as those who are no longer physically here. I firmly believe that there are lessons to be learned from each person in your life regardless if the interactions are positive or negative, each one shapes and affects you in subtle ways.

Over the days I was in the desert I was slowly joined by a series of Photographers until our numbers were over 40 strong. Some were friends, some were people I knew online, some were people who I had admired for some time and some were completely new to me. It was a wonderful experience to simply immerse myself in the art of photography with a group of people who came together without ego or pretense and simply enjoyed each others company.

I met several new friends this trip and Iā€™m sure I will spend more time chasing the sun or night skies with many of them in the years to come. It was an amazing life changing experience and something that will be with me for the rest of my days.

I drove over 1300 miles, took over 3,000 of photographs, laid in the dirt as I waited for the sun to rise, walked across the desert with only the stars to light my way and soaked the dust and grime away in natural hot springs. In closing, I present to you a self portrait I took at sunrise on my 48th birthday in the Alvord Desert.

Tom HealyComment